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Dear valued Students, on behalf of the team Blue Dragon Swim School
we would like to extend our warmest greetings to our acquaintances,
learners, swimmers and their families.


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    Swimming Classes For Children

    Swimming Classes For Female

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    Swimming Classes For Men

    Membership & Plan

    ₹ 3,499 1 Month With Coaching 5 days In Per Week
    ₹ 7.999 3 Month With Coaching 5 days In Per Week
    ₹ 10.999 Whole Season With Coaching 5 days In Per Week
    ₹ 2,499 1 Month With Coaching 3 days A Week (MWF/TTS)
    ₹ 1,999 1 Month With Coaching 2 days A Weekend (S/S)
    ₹ 100 Registration Fee
    ₹ 300 Pay Per Day For Non Members Pay Per Day For Non Members

    Why Choose Us?

    Professional Trainer

    Certified, motivating, personalized workouts. Effective, supportive, communicative.

    Clean & Hygienic Pool

    A sparkling clean and hygienic pool, with regular maintenance and upkeep.

    Pool Side Assistance

    Poolside assistance for a safe, enjoyable and relaxing swimming experience.


    The swimming pool is clean and every single coach is highly professional. Coaches are highly energetic, enthusiastic and friendly. These qualities make the learners very comfortable. Kudos to all the coaches.

    Anurag Mishra 3D & Animation Artist

    I always look for a place very the staff is good and knowledgeable, quite impressed with the communication, knowledge and skill set Blue Dragon Swim School Team.....

    Nahida baig International Educator

    Awesome Pool, crystal clear water, a hygienic facility, and very knowledgeable coaches. My son is in play school and he loves this pool, coach Soni ma'am is a wonderful teacher.

    Amit Tomar Asst. Professor, Delhi University

    Excellent Swimming Pool, very clean and hygienic water in the heart of the city, plans are highly flexible and prices are premium. met lady Coach Soni Ma'am and she is very humble. We have taken family membership and got very good discount 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟

    Ajay Singh Student Coordinator